1st of July summer market

My work

My work is inspired by the never ending joy of discovery. I am recently exploring and creating lattice designs in ever more delicate expressions. I actively produce many types of hand crafted pottery: functional, lattice, teapots and tea bowls, traditional, Pueblo style and more recently painted pendants in a variety of motif.

I work with many techniques to produce many different styles and types of pottery. For me, the vast range of styles and techniques developed across a multitude of cultures and periods presents too great an opportunity for expression to ignore or to limit myself to one or two. I must explore and embrace as much as I possibly can.

Please browse my gallery and the showcase below to see the wide range of my work. Many of the pieces are available for sale. As well, I can create custom pieces designed just for you.

I am very happy to announce an upcoming new feature: an online gallery store! Soon you will be able to purchase my pieces online! Keep checking back.