About Me

About maripottery: Maria Palotas Pottery

For the past 4 decades, pottery making has allowed me to integrate drawing, painting, and sculpting with my artistic vision of form and colour. Pottery can grab and enthrall you like no other craft. I know this because it is my life. It is my passion both to practice and to share with patrons and students alike in a spirit of fun, excitement, and challenge. My practice includes hand building, sculpting in clay, throwing, slab building, painting, and glazing techniques.

My work is inspired by the never ending joy of discovery. During the 1970s I noticed an amazing connection between European and Pueblo pottery styles and techniques and continue to create works that breath this influence. I am recently exploring and creating lattice designs in ever more delicate expressions. I actively produce many types of functional pottery, lattice work, teapots and tea bowls, Pueblo style and more recently painted pendants. Much of my work is wheel thrown, but I also have a wide selection of unique hand built forms. I mostly use high-temperature reduction firing.

Please browse my gallery to see the wide range of my work. Many of the pieces are available for sale. As well, I can create custom pieces designed just for you. I also plan to sponsor an apprentice program. As an instructor I encourage my students to develop a thorough knowledge of the artistic and technical foundations of the art and craft of pottery. For more information email maripottery or find me on Facebook Link

I'm currently located in Metro Vancouver, BC, Canada.

maripottery is entirely Internet-based with no walk-in or over-the-counter sales/support.